Ard Rock Enduro Sport

The same course and timed stages as the Ard Rock Enduro. But, the Enduro Sport takes place on Sunday for riders whose main priority is completing the epic challenge.

Event Description

The same route and stages as the main event, the Ard Rock Enduro Sport takes place on 100% natural, rough and rock-strewn private tracks that are only rideable in this event. There’s zero trail centre kitty litter or man-made berms in Ard Rock, just ancient trails and paths with more loose, steep and technical riding under your wheels than you can shake a stick at. The entire route will be purpose marked for the event and offers a ‘once only’ opportunity to hit up some unique natural rocky zones. But be warned, the ‘Ard Rock stages contain a mixture of flat out fast gullies, off road tracks, steep rocky chutes and technical single tracks that demand a high level of skill and fitness…

You can still go flat out for glory, or just enjoy an amazing chilled weekend riding with your mates in the middle of summer. It’s a chance for all entrants to ride amazing exclusive trails in great company and enjoy the atmosphere of the Yorkshire Dales.

Event Format

The Enduro Sport takes place on Sunday, and riders set off in larger waves. The main Enduro is a fairly relaxed affair, but the Sport is so relaxed you might forget to beat your mates. There will be no queuing systems at the top of stages so you can ride straight through and get stuck in – this one’s all about fun and the challenge, but you’ll still be able to compare your times in the overall results. Please note that there’s no practice on Friday at this event to ensure it’s a level playing field. There is no practice on the actual course but there will be plenty other riding in the area and some great downhill trails to ride if you wish to come and enjoy the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday before the big day.

When entering you’ll be asked for a group code and some other questions so we can group you with your mates or team. Start times and final information will be allocated three weeks before the event. Transitions are flexible so you can ride with your mates and you can expect to be out on the course anywhere from 4 hours plus, covering around 3000 meters of combined climbing and descending. A cut off time of 6 hours will be enforced for safety and timing reasons.

The presentation will take place on Sunday evening, and you can camp over until Monday morning. There will also be extra rides and events happening on Saturday so you can come and join in the fun.

Entry includes:

  • Fully marked route 
  • Event centre facilities
  • Number board
  • Course map
  • Event programme
  • Electronic chip timing
  • Water station
  • Event photography
  • Mechanical support
  • Emergency support
  • Safety marshals
  • On site catering and beer tent
  • Spot prizes
  • Instant results service
  • Factory support from all major bike brands
  • Live Music
  • Parking

Please note: The Sport is a one day event and riders can not practice the timed stages on Friday. There will be and alternative practice/demo loop with similar levels of technical difficulty to practice on.

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