Ard Moors 2016 final details

Ard Moors Enduro Event information

17-18 September 2016

A 40km Enduro loop with five timed special stages starting from Lordstones Country Park.

The Ard Moors Enduro takes place on Sunday with the opportunity to practice stages 1 and 5 on Saturday as part of a 16km route with 1400 metres of combined climbing and descending. On Saturday evening acoustic guitar hero Rich Gardiner will be singing his heart out to special requests, the BBQ will be stoked and the beer pumps primed so you can chill out ready for the big day. Ard Moors will take you on an epic journey of downhill tracks, super secret trails and classic moorland singletrack, so expect everything from big berms and bumps to rocks, roots and ruts.

We’ve been very fortunate to gain access to private land, which includes passing through prime sporting estate and pedalling through farmers’ back gardens, so please make sure you read the rules, practice notes and race instructions below carefully.

Getting here
Use the postcode TS9 7JH to get to Lordstones Country Park and enter through the normal entrance. Head to the back of the car park then turn right up the ramp into the camping and parking fields where you will be directed to a space. Do not under any circumstances park on the road outside Lordstones.

Camping is available onsite from 1800 on Friday and you can stay until Monday morning for a fee of £5 per person per night. Please bring the correct amount of change and pay on entry – you will be given a coloured band to attach to your wrist. Please note that you may no be able to camp next to your car as there’s a limited amount of flat camping spots at the venue. There are showers and toilets on site that will be made unisex for the full weekend. Please bring your own bin bags and take your rubbish with you. Security will be patrolling the area at night, but we must stress that it’s your responsibility to look after your kit – we strongly recommend that your bike is locked in your vehicle. The event and venue accept no liability for damaged or lost equipment. Open fires are not permitted on the campsite, and fire extinguishers will be located at the entrance, and next to the toilets. Food will be served up until 2200 hours. STRICTLY NO CARAVANS.

Food and drink
Food and Drink will be available at Lordstones Restaurant, Cafe and Farm shop throughout the weekend.

Ard Moors Enduro Time Table


1000 – 1430 Practice registration*
1030 – 1700 Practice session on stages 1 and 5 (2-3 hours loop)
1730 – 2200 BBQ and music

*Riders must collect a wristband from the registration tent and attach it to their bars before riding the practice course


0800 – 1100 Enduro Registration (30 minutes before start time)
0830 – 1130 Enduro riders set off at allocated time
1700 Prize presentation


1st Overall Male
1st Overall Female
1st Team (4 count)
1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category.
Male Senior U30
Male Masters U40
Male Veterans U50
Male Grand Veterans 50+
Female Senior U30
Female Masters U40
Female Veterans U50

Practice info
The practice loop which consists of stages 1 and 5 is open from 1030 until 1700. To enter the practice loop you will need to collect and sign for a wristband at registration. By entering the event and voluntarily riding the course you have accepted the Ard Moors Enduro terms and conditions, rules and the event waiver of liability. You must must only follow the official practice loop and you must be off the course by 1700. Do not take any shortcuts, stop or walk back up stages. Take care and shut all gates behind you – this is very important as the gates separate livestock. Follow the green signs and the route on the map and do not under any circumstances approach the other stages as we have been notified that the land is being used for shooting on Saturday. The loop is approximately 16km and will take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete. The tarmac hill climb is narrow and busy (for North Yorkshire), so please ride in single file up this hill to allow traffic to pass.

Please bring Valid ID (driver’s license or passport) and register at your allocated time, which is 30 minutes before your start time. Attach your number board to your handlebars so that it is clearly visible and do not cut or bend it. Attach your chip to your left wrist.

The Ard Rock Enduro event is timed using an ‘Air’ timing chip system which starts and stops when you pass the timing beacon. Note that you shouldn’t sprint through the start beacon as it may not register your time. Please don’t hang around at the start and finishes as you may set the timing beacon off more than once. You will be timed on stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and your accumulative time will give you your result. To start your chip make sure you scan out at the start flag and return your chip to get a result when you return to the event village. Failure to hand in a chip will result in a £60 fee. If you withdraw from the course you must return your chip for safety reasons.

Riding the Ard Moors Enduro
The Ard Moors course is marked with black arrows that you must follow at all times. You can take it easy when transiting between stages as these sections are not timed. When you arrive at a stage the starter will give you a maximum of 20 seconds between riders, but you can go sooner if you like or ride with your mates. If you’re looking for a good result then try not to hang around too long otherwise you’ll get bunched up with other riders. Slower riders please give way to faster riders wanting to overtake on stages. Faster riders please be cautious when overtaking and shout ‘rider’ when approaching. Only overtake when you have a clear line of vision and it is safe to do so. When you finish a stage, please make sure you’re clear of the finish area by at least 50 metres. Please close all gates that you pass through on transitions, be respectful of everyone you encounter, and ride in single file only on the road. The water stop is at the Buck Pub in Chop Gate which is approximately 1/3rd of the way round so you can take plenty of water on early to make sure you’re hydrated. We’ll be enforcing a cut off time of 5 hours for safety reasons, so it’s essential that you crack on as it’s a tough old route! Please remember to look after yourself and ride responsibly and within your limits at all times, Ard Moors is not a groomed trail centre.

Stage marking
Stages are marked with red arrows and tape. Two red arrows next to each other constitute as a gate that you must ride through. You must ride to the arrows and between the tape at all times. Anyone caught taking short cuts will be disqualified. Caution signs will be present in areas where you must take extreme care and blue arrows will make easier options around the main line.

Riding etiquette
Countryside code – Around the course you’ll cross open countryside and approach numerous closed gates (not on timed stages), it’s vitally important for public relations that you CLOSE these behind you. We’ve been very fortunate to gain access to private farmland, so please respect this rule.
Overtaking – Please do not endanger any other riders you are over taking by being reckless. Shout ‘rider’ as you are approaching to give the rider in front chance to move and only overtake if it is completely safe to do so. Conversely, riders in front need to move over if it’s appropriate to do so and let faster riders pass.!
Public roads – Please be aware that you will be riding on public roads in places. You must obey the Highway Code at all times. Please respect other road users and ride in single file where traffic is present.
Course – Riders caught cutting the course, going under or around tapes or signage or riding off the marked trail in any other way will be immediately disqualified. Altering the course, moving flags or tape in any way will also lead to disqualification. All riders must complete the entire course in order, under their own power and without any mechanical or vehicular assistance.
Litter – Do not drop any litter anywhere on the course. This includes energy gel packets, water bottles and banana skins!
Equipment – It’s the individual’s responsibility to take everything they need to complete around the full lap. You must wear a fully certified and serviceable mountain bike helmet at all times and be riding a bike that is fit for purpose. Essential equipment includes; ID card, tools and spares, fitted bar end plugs, sufficient food and water, and appropriate clothing for changeable weather conditions.

Medical issues
If you have any problems please alert your nearest marshal who will assist you and call first aid if needed. You have declared that you are fit and well already, but if you know of any medical information that the medics will need to know, please ensure you write in on the back of your number board in pen.

Mechanical issues
We may be able to assist you in fixing minor mechanical issues on site, but we will not have stock of parts. Please bring the relevant spares for your bike. If you have an issue on Saturday either of these shops that are nearby may be able to help;

Westbrook Cycles 01642 710232 TS9 5DG (5 miles)
Bike Scene 01642 490135 TS14 6NT (12 miles)
Peddlers Cycles 01642 490135 (18 miles)
NRG Cycles 01642 723527 TS9 6NH (7 miles)

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