Ard Rock Epic Event Information

6 August 2021

The Ard Rock Epic is a challenge and adventure event around Yorkshire Dales Ard Rock territory. It takes place on Friday and on the Enduro route, with its infamously flat out and technical descents, over 1500m of elevation and over 40km overall length. The downhill sections will be timed and you should expect the route to be physically harder than rides with similar stats. You’ll need a very good level of fitness and skill to complete the course. The entire route will be purpose marked for the event and offers a ‘once only’ opportunity to hit up some unique natural rocky zones. But be warned, the Ard Rock stages contain a mixture of flat out fast gullies, off-road tracks, steep rocky chutes and technical single tracks that demand a good level of skill and fitness…

Ard Rock Epic Important Timings

1000-1130 Registration for Epic riders*
1030-1200 Epic Riders start at intervals
*Register 30 minutes before your start time. Make sure you know your number.



Please bring a valid ID (driver’s license or passport) and register at your allocated time, which is 30 minutes before your start time. Tell the staff your number and collect your timing chip. Attach your number board to your handlebars so that it is clearly visible, and do not cut or bend it. Attach your chip to your right wrist.

The Ard Rock Epic event is timed using an ‘Air’ timing chip system which starts and stops when you pass the timing beacon. You will be timed on stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and your accumulative time will give you your result. To start your chip make sure you scan it at the start flag and return your chip to get a result when you get back to the event village. Failure to hand in a chip will result in a £50 fee. If you withdraw from the course, you must return your chip for safety reasons.

Riding the Ard Rock Epic
The Ard Rock route is marked with black arrows that you must follow at all times. You can take it easy when transiting between stages as these sections are not timed. There’s no queuing system in place at stage starts, so riders who want to go have priority, and riders who want to hang around at the start must stay out of the way so other riders can pass. You can ride the stages in groups, and we recommend riding with at least one other rider. Slower riders, please give way to faster riders wanting to overtake on stages. Faster riders, please be cautious when overtaking and shout ‘rider’ when approaching. Only overtake when you have a clear line of vision, and it is safe to do so. When you finish a stage, please make sure you’re clear of the finish area by at least 50 metres. Do not attempt to ride any features or terrain you are not confident with.
Ard Rock is physically and technically demanding, you should expect very steep and unfamiliar terrain, and you must ride with caution at all times. All features are rollable apart from those that are clearly marked with a ‘DROP’ sign. The tracks are very wide, so if you feel like you can’t or don’t want to ride a feature, please pull off the track. If you are not confident with steep terrain, we urge you to spectate and inspect stages one and two on Friday and Saturday. Please don’t walk on the tracks when the stages are live.

Rider Support
Emergency mechanical support and the drink station are located at the end of stage 3. Drinks are available from the Red Lion Pub which is between stages 2 and 3.

Stage marking
Stages are marked with flags and tape. Two red flags next to each other are a gate that you must ride through. You must ride through the gates and between the tape at all times. Anyone caught taking shortcuts will be disqualified. Features that require extra caution are marked with yellow flags and blue arrows mark easier options around the mainline. Orange flags mark drops and features that are not rollable. Please remember trail conditions may change, so read the trail and only ride features you are confident with. 

Riding etiquette
Event rules – you must read and abide by the event rules at all times. The rules can be seen on the event info boards and here
Countryside code – Around the course, you’ll cross open countryside and approach numerous closed gates (not on timed stages), it’s vitally important for public relations that you CLOSE these behind you. We’ve been very fortunate to gain access to private farmland, so please respect this rule.
Overtaking – Please do not endanger any other riders you are overtaking by being reckless. Shout ‘rider’ as you are approaching to give the rider in front a chance to move and only overtake if it is completely safe to do so. Conversely, riders in front need to move over if it’s appropriate to do so and let faster riders pass! Any rider seen or reported to be riding recklessly will be disqualified.
Public roads – Please be aware that you will be riding on public roads in places. You must obey the Highway Code at all times. Please respect other road users and ride in a single file where traffic is present.
Course – Riders caught cutting the course, going under or around tapes or signage or riding off the marked trail will be immediately disqualified. Altering the course, moving flags or tape in any way will also lead to disqualification. All riders must complete the entire course in order, under their own power and without any mechanical or vehicular assistance.
Litter – Do not drop any litter anywhere on the course. This includes energy gel packets, water bottles and banana skins!
Equipment – It’s the individual’s responsibility to take everything they need to complete the full lap. You must wear a fully certified and serviceable mountain bike helmet at all times and be riding a bike that is fit for purpose, checked and in full working order. Essential equipment includes; ID card, tools and spares, fitted bar end plugs, sufficient food and water and appropriate clothing for changeable weather conditions. Recommended equipment includes knee and elbow pads and a backpack with inbuilt back protection.
Medical issues – If you have any problems please alert your nearest marshal who will assist you and call first aid if needed.

Ard Rock 2021 Acceptance of risk 

1 Compliance. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to comply at all times during the Event with all applicable laws, byelaws and regulations of the United Kingdom, including without limitation, all speed regulations, road traffic laws and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances.
2 The Participant acknowledges and understands that mountain biking is a hazardous activity and accepts that participation in an event such as the Event is potentially dangerous and that there are numerous risks associated with participation. Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to: traffic accidents, collisions with pedestrians or vehicles, other drivers, and/or fixed or moving objects and the negligence of other road users. Further, the Participant fully understands and accepts that his participation in the Event may result in serious bodily injury and/or death to yourself or others. The Participant further acknowledges and accepts that the route of the Event require cycling on public roadways and technical mountain bike terrain. Further, the Participant accepts that participation in the Event will result in strenuous physical exertion as participants will be required to be active for very long periods of time, including the risk of being active through inclement weather and/or very hot weather.
3 The Participant enters the Event voluntarily and with full knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with participation in the Event, the Participant is strongly advised to take every reasonable precaution.
4 The Participant declares that he/she voluntarily enters the Event with full knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with participation in the Event.
5. Insurance – The Participant acknowledges and understands that it is his/her personal responsibility to arrange personal accident insurance cover for the Event if the Participant wishes to be covered by personal accident insurance.

Ard Rock is physically demanding. You should therefore be fit enough and in good enough health to participate. If you have any medical condition which could be adversely affected by exercise, particularly a heart condition or have any doubt about your health, please consult a doctor to gain approval to participate.
By entering you confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, your general state of fitness is good and you take full responsibility for yourself. You must update the medical team at the event if you have any special conditions or allergies. Please write your special medical conditions clearly on the back of your number board.