Ard Rock 2019 Entries

Ard Rock Entries go live 0630 on Wednesday 31st December. Here’s the entry link and all the details you need to enter.

Entry link 

One person can enter 6 participants at one time.
Once you click ‘confirm tickets’ you will have 15 minutes to enter all of your rider details and complete the transaction, if you don’t enter all of your details within 15 minutes you will be timed out. Make sure that you have ALL of the details for each participant.

You will need all of the below information for each participant;

1. First Name
2. Last name
3. Email
4. Mobile number
5. Gender
6. Age category your age on 2nd August
15-17 Junior (sprint event only)
18-29 Senior
30-39 Master
40-49 Veteran
50-59 Grand Veteran
Hardtail Trophy (Enduro event only)
Ebike (Intro event only)
7. Team Name – as you would like it to appear on the results page and for the team prize (this is who you ride for not who you want to ride with).
8. Group Name – please enter the same ‘group name’ as the riders you wish to start with. Your group name can be any combination of letters or numbers and must be the same as the riders you want to be grouped with. Please note this can not be changed once you’ve entered.
9. Expert rider: If you would like to be considered for the first wave please write your best result of 2018. This may separate you from your group. Do not write anything of you don’t want to be seeded.
10. Ability level – Please rate your ability 1. Usually in the top 10% / 2. Faster than average / 3. Mid pack rider / 4. Steady away / 5. Hoping to make it round
11. Emergency contact name and number
12. What brand of bike are you riding

Entry Tips
1. Join Gigantic before the onsale date so that you don’t have to register before buying tickets
2. Sign up for a text or email reminder on the entry page
3. Make sure that the card you are paying with works

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