Ard Rock Enduro tickets get snapped up in record time

Demand for tickets was super high this morning and all Enduro tickets sold out almost instantly. We’re overwhelmed with the support for Ard Rock and stoked for the thousands who bagged tickets, but we also feel the pain of the riders that didn’t get the tickets that they wanted. If you had difficulties getting tickets, hopefully, this statement will help you understand the process…

As soon as Ard Rock 19 tickets went on sale, they were all clicked on within minutes of opening. At this point, all of the events were shown as ‘sold out’. Shortly after this a limited amount of tickets became available once again, this is because some people did not complete their purchase due to one of the following reasons;

– They selected the wrong tickets
– Their internet connection dropped
– Their payment didn’t go through
– They were unable to enter their details within the 15-minute time limit
– Another user had already purchased tickets for them

The limited amount of tickets that became available again only appeared in small amounts and they were snapped up very quickly. If a user clicked on an available ticket, then pressed confirm and nothing happened, this is because someone else selected the same ticket and pressed confirm first. We understand that this process can be frustrating, but tickets are limited and demand is high. Larger, more simple events can stop this happening by overselling tickets. We can’t do this because we set strict capacity limits for each event at Ard Rock.

Our aim is to organise an awesome event and celebration of mountain biking that as many people as possible can safely enjoy. Every year we review the entry process for all events. We will continue to explore ways for potential entrants to come and enjoy the event in the future. If you’d like to be the first to about spare tickets then please join this list

Ard Rock is an inclusive event and there’s still plenty of other ways to get involved, such as becoming a marshal, riding in the marathon event if you enjoy going the distance (there’s less than 10% left as of now), or simply coming to the festival and riding bikes and enjoying a beer in good company.

We hope to see you on a trail soon!

Ride safe

The Ard Rock Team

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